Round 9: Fuji 1,000 Kilometers Fuji Speedway, Fuji, Japan, October 6th, 1985

We have finished the European races, and begin the first of two fly away events to round out the 1985 season, the first of these is the Fuji 1,000 Kilometers at Fuji Speedway in Fuji, Japan, obviously in the shadow of the magnificent Mount Fuji itself.  Here, at Fuji, we have extra cars in the field that are running to the American IMSA specs for GTP (Grand Touring Prototype), GTX (Grand Touring Experimental), and GTU (Grand Touring under 2.5 liters).  A number of works cars are entered here by Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, and MCS Guppy.  On the opening day of practice, the weather is lovely.  But, for race day, weather forecaster have warned of… wait for it… a typhoon!

Here in Japan, the home favorites have absolutely stunned the European entries as Kazuyoshi Hoshino goes quickest in his March 85G Nissan, powered by the twin turbocharged Nissan VG30ET Electromotive 60 degree 3 liter V6 engine, featuring two Garrett turbos bolted onto it.  Weather forecasters in Japan tend to get things right, and they’ve hit it right on the button this time, as torrential rain has already begun falling.  There was a typhoon, is a typhoon, and it’s pouring with rain at the moment.  No way do the European teams want to race.  It’s far too dangerous for them, they believe, to be out on track with all the water.

The Rothmans Porsche’s would have started on the front row, and they did go out for an exploratory lap.  After the single lap, both Derek Bell and Jacky Ickx park their cars in pit lane.  They will not start because of the dangerously wet conditions, but they effectively get the championship!  The race begins, and well, there isn’t much to write about.  Of the 35 cars slated to start, roughly half the field withdrew, as 18 cars packed it in and came into the lane.  The cars ran behind the safety car for the first ten laps of the official race.

The race did get underway, but there isn’t much to write about.  Kazuyoshi Hoshino absolutely dominated proceedings with the March Nissan.  His co-drivers, from Japan, Akira Hagiwara and Keiji Matsumoto, didn’t even step into the car.  What this means is Nissan has won their first ever race in the FIA World Endurance Championship!  Congratulations to Nissan!  Hoshino won, and the race itself was shortened to only two hours because of the typhoon conditions.

Overall/C1: #28 Hoshino/Hagiwara/Matsumoto     March 85G Nissan       Hoshino Racing

  1. #28 Hoshino/Hagiwara/Matsumoto March 85G Nissan            Hoshino Racing
  2. #12 Nakako/Pirro/Morimoto              LM 05C Nissan                  Panasport Japan

Those are your top two finishers.  Here are the points standings.  Derek Bell and Hans Stuck are indeed, your world champions for 1985.

  1. Derek Bell & Hans Stuck 117 points
  2. Derek Bell & Hans Stuck 117 points
  3. Jacky Ickx & Jochen Mass 81 points
  4. Jacky Ickx & Jochen Mass 81 points
  5. Klaus Ludwig & Bob Wollek 58 points
  6. Klaus Ludwig & Bob Wollek 58 points
  7. Paolo Barilla 52 points

Here are the points in the C2 division.

  1. Gordon Spice & Ray Bellm 130 points
  2. Gordon Spice & Ray Bellm 130 points
  3. Ray Mallock 75 points
  4. Mike Wilds 65 points

The final event of 1985, will also be in Asia, at the Shah Alam circuit in Malaysia.  Stay tuned for that.

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