Round 6: Jerez 360 Kilometers Circuito Permanente de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, August 3rd, 1986

We move from the confusion of Brands Hatch, to the heat and steamy conditions of Andalusia in southern Spain.  In a land of castles and vineyards, it is time for another sprint race for the World Sports Car Championship.  It’s the Jerez 360 Kilometers.  So, this event will encompass 360 kilometers (225 miles).  This is the first sports car race in Spain, as Jerez is a brand new circuit.  Frank Jelinski scores his first career pole sharing with Walter Brun in the #17 Brun Motorsports Porsche 962.

It’s lights out, and away we go!  Now, the entire Silk Cut Jaguar team, they shoot to the front past the Brun Porsche’s but headed for the first corner, they’ve crashed!  A 1-2-3 turns into a crash, bang, wallop!  This has to be embarrassing for Jaguar because based on qualifying, it looked like they’d dominate here in Spain.  Jaguar’s misfortune is another driver’s good luck, as Oscar Larrauri moves the #17 Fortuna liveried Porsche 962 into the lead.  Now, Gianfranco Brancatelli has recovered the #53 Jaguar XJR6 he shares with Jean Louis Schlesser.  He’s back on the track, going for it.

Did I say, recovered?  Not quite.  Just behind Brancatelli is Fermin Velez, the Spaniard in his home race, starting the car that countryman Emilio de Villota will take over a bit later on.  Brancatelli is in a heap of trouble, as Walter Brun is looking for a way past the sister Jaguar in the hands of Eddie Cheever.  Cheever also has crash damage.  TWR Jaguar is not having a good race here in Spain so far to say the least.  Derek Warwick, for his over exuberance, has to be kicking himself.  Walter Brun is looking for third spot.  He wants it, and at the moment, Tiff Needell has the spot in the #66 Cosmic Racing March 84G Porsche, he is sharing in this race with Costas Los.

Finally, Warwick is able to plow his way out of the gravel trap, losing the right rear wheel spat off the Jaguar in the process.  Walter Brun is third, and he’s gaining ground, trying to make it a Fortuna Porsche 1-2.  After his mistake, Derek Warwick has to realize he must drive more cautiously for the rest of this motor race.  Don’t try to sling down the inside of someone because you could pay a bigger price than you already have.  It is pit stop time for the sister Jaguar.  Fuel, tires, and a driver change as Brancatelli hands over to Schlesser.  Derek Warwick says that the Brun car slowed, then Brancatelli dove inside, and Warwick thought he had an easy pass, and it wasn’t the case.  He cut off Brancatelli.

He’s very upset with himself.  Brun continue to run 1-2.  Again, car #17 is Frank Jelinski and Walter Brun, while the sister car has Jesus Pareja and Oscar Larrauri at the wheel of it.  Derek Warwick and co-driver Jan Lammers have recovered to fifth, and will improve, unfortunately, at the expense of their team mates who are destined to retire from the race.  This sprint race is nearly over, and in C2, it’s been a cakewalk for Spice Engineering.  Gordon Spice and Ray Bellm win in the category.

#70 Spice/Bellm                Spice Engineering Spice SE86C Ford Cosworth

It’s close in C1!  But, it’s going to be Oscar Larrauri and Jesus Pareja winning in Spain!  Their sister car driven by Frank Jelinski at the end of the race, sharing with Walter Brun, he had to come to pit lane for a splash and a dash on fuel, and the net result is he loses the race by a mere 30 seconds.  A great day for Brun, and for Spain.  Jesus Pareja, at his home race, becomes the first Spaniard ever to win a World Sports Car Championship race!  Felicidades! Jesus Pareja!  Here are the race results.

  1. #18 Larrauri/Pareja Fortuna Brun Porsche 962C
  2. #17 Jelinski/Brun Fortuna Brun Porsche 962C
  3. #52 Warwick/Lammers Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-6
  4. #9 Wood/Lassig/Ballabio Obermaier Racing/Topolino Porsche 956

That’s your top four.  Here are the podium finishers in C2.

  1. #70 Spice/Bellm Spice Engineering Spice SE86 Ford Cosworth
  2. #75 Clements/Harrower ADA Engineering Gebhardt JC843 Ford Cosworth
  3. #105 Barberio/Gellini   Kelmar Racing Tiga GC85 Ford Cosworth

Amazingly, Ian Harrower and Evan Clements, they finish second in C2, a full week after obliterating the car in that wreck at Brands Hatch.  Here are the driver’s points standings.  Despite missing this race due to IMSA commitments in the United States, Hans Stuck and Derek Bell hold the points lead over Derek Warwick after his travails here in Spain.

  1. Derek Bell 70 points
  2. Hans Stuck 70 points
  3. Derek Warwick 54 points
  4. Oscar Larrauri 48 points
  5. Jesus Pareja 48 points
  6. Eddie Cheever 41 points

Larrauri and Pareja, with their win in Spain, are sneaking up on Warwick in third place in the points table.  Gordon Spice and Ray Bellm have a commanding lead in C2 standings, but their competition is hanging tough.

  1. Gordon Spice 73 points
  2. Ray Bellm 73 points
  3. Pasquale Barberio 52 points
  4. Ian Harrower 52 points
  5. Evan Clements 52 points
  6. Stanley Dickens 40 points

Next up, it is the Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometers.

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