Group C Race of The Day: 1988 World Sports Car Championship: Brno Supersprint

Czechoslovakia, is the venue right after the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1988 World Sports Car Championship at the Brno Autodrom, and in this first ever World Championship race to be run behind the Iron Curtain.  Jaguar, after dominating many races, including Le Mans, before this event, looked to continue their winning ways.  As you will see, Sauber Mercedes has other plans.

Round six of the 1988 World Sports Car Championship sees the FIA World Sports Car Championship move behind The Iron Curtain, to the spectacular new Brno Autodrome.  This is the second 360 kilometer “super sprint” race of 1988, and will see a red hot scrap between the Le Mans winning Jaguar’s and the Swiss built, V8 powered ground pounding Sauber Mercedes Group C cars.  Jaguar has taken a commanding points iead in the constructors cup, but Frenchman Jean Louis Schlesser at the wheel of the Mercedes, he is the one who wants to make a statement, here at Brno, as he holds the lead in the drivers championship.

Richard Hudson-Evans is your commentator for this thrilling sprint race at Brno.  Enjoy.

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