A couple of special features coming up

Before we delve back into reviewing the races of the Group C  championship, there are some special videos coming up, that highlight a few of the teams taking part in the Group C championship circa 1984.  One, is about Rothmans Porsche… “In Car 956”, where Le Mans winner Derek Bell tours some of the greatest circuits in all of Europe aboard the aforementioned race car, and the other special, will be a two part look into the Skoal Bandit Porsche effort led by former driver, turned team owner, John Fitzpatrick.  So, do stay tuned for these special features, coming up on Group C Sports Cars… The Thunder of the ’80s.

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the braking zone

International racing fan for over 20 years. I follow Formula One, Indycars, sports cars, touring cars and other varied forms of racing within and outside the U.S. I am a recent college graduate and have been following the world of car racing since childhood.

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