1982 Sauber SHS C6

Before Sauber heeded the command of “you need to bring some more power”, with their thunderous Mercedes V8 powered monsters like the C8 and C9, they had this gem of a Group C car, using BMW power.  This is the SHS C6, from the first year of Group C, back in 1982.

During the 2017 Vernasca Silver Flag trackday at Varano de’ Melegari I recorded this Sauber SHS C6 prototype or also called Sehcar SH C6. The car was engineered by Seger & Hoffman (hence the SHS designation) in order to race in the World Endurance Championship and in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft as a Group C prototype in 1982.

At first it was powered by a Ford DFL 3.9-litre V8 engine but due to a lot of troubles at the beginning of the season and some unsatisfactory results at the end of 1982 Sauber decided that the SHS C6 needed improvement with the new C7. The two SHS C6 chassis were retired. In 1983 Group C was split into two halfs with the lower class called Group C Junior (or Group C2) for less wealthy private teams so a few years later in 1985 one of the two Sauber C6 was entered and raced by a French racer who also installed on his C6 a BMW M88 3.5-litre straight-6 engine.

The one you see in this video has undergone another engine change and it’s now powered by a cheap N/A V6 engine that still allow the car to be enjoyed during track days.

Read more about the 1982 Sauber’s filming, in the video description on 19Bozzy92’s channel.


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