Porsche 935/76 Gr. 5 first shakedown after restoration

You want more Porsche 935?  You’ve got it.  Here is a fully restored Porsche 935/76 being track tested after a full restoration.  19Bozzy92 has the video.

Known simply as ‘935’, this was Porsche’s weapon for the 1976 World Championship for Makes in the Group 5 special production/silhouette cars class. In order not to be confused with the following upgraded cars it was renamed 935/76. The car was powered by a 2.85 liter single-turbo flat-6 engine that was able to produce around 590-600hp. A 3.0 liter version was used in the last part of the season and it was capable to produce around 630hp at 1.5 bar of pressure in sprint races trim. 13 customers 935/76 cars were built at the end of 1976 for the 1977 season with an improved intercooler and the option to adopt both the 2.85 and the 3.0 engine version.

For 1977, Porsche further developed the 935. The car, named 935/77, was heavily improved in aerodynamics, with a bodywork capable of generating more downforce without increasing resistance. The engine of this monster was still the 3.0 flat-6 but the single big turbo was replaced by two smaller units to reduce the response delay (turbo lag) without sacrificing the maximum power output. 15 customer examples of the 936/77 were produced too, featuring the twin-turbo engine but with a less improved aero compared to the works cars. They were renamed 935/77A and aesthetically they were nothing less than 935/76 but with a better profiled front, larger side air intakes and side skirts to improve the air flow.

This video is about a customer 935/76 that was freshly restored with its original ’77 Jolly Club colours with whom it was able to achieve a class second place at the 24 Hours of Daytona 1977. The car features the 2.85L, single turbo version of the flat-6 engine but with a body kit taken from the 935/77A customer cars. Watch it in action for its very first laps after the restoration process around Varano Circuit, in Italy, during the 2019 Vernasca Silver Flag track day!

0:001:55 Details & Warm Up

1:564:45 External Scenes 1

4:469:52 On Board

9:5311:55 External Scenes 2

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