The thunder, will continue

Folks, we’ve reached the end of the ’80s in Group C sports car racing.  The championship as it is, in it’s current form, will only exist for one more year in 1990, before the regulations completely change.  As you have read, Group C ended with a whimper instead of a bang, but, that does not mean the action is over.  Not by a long shot.  The thunder of the ’80s kept rolling into the 1990 season, and there will be highlighted race reports and analyses on all of the events from 1990, coming up very soon.  So, do indeed stay tuned for that coverage.


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the braking zone

International racing fan for over 20 years. I follow Formula One, Indycars, sports cars, touring cars and other varied forms of racing within and outside the U.S. I am a recent college graduate and have been following the world of car racing since childhood.

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