Group C racing at Imola Circuit

From 19Bozzy92 on YouTube.

It was so special to see Group C prototypes racing at Imola Circuit. There were some nice and unique cars such as that Puma-spondsored Alba AR8 featuring a Buick twin-turbo engine or the 1982 Rondeau M382. Hope you like the video!

List of the cars in the video:

Alba AR8-01 GTP 1986 – Buick 3.0L Turbo V6 (No. 84)

ALD C289 1989 – Cosworth DFL 3.3 V8 (No. 177)

Argo JM19 C 1985 – Buick 4.4L V6 N/A (No. 164)

Cheetah G606 1989 – Cosworth DFR 3.5L (No. 60)

Gebhardt C91 1991 – Cosworth DFV V8 (No. 25)

GKW 862SP 1988 – Porsche 3.2 Flat-6 Twin Turbo (162)

Jaguar XJR-11 1989 – Jaguar 3.5L V6 Turbo (No. 9)

Jaguar XJR-14 1991 – Cosworth HB V8 (No. 35)

Nissan R90 CK 1990 – Nissan V8 Twin Turbo (No. 27)

Porsche 956 1985 – Porsche Flat-6 Twin Turbo (No. 12)

Porsche 962C 1990 – Porsche Twin Turbo Flat-6 (No. 82)

Rondeau M382 1982 – Cosworth DFL V8 (No. 24)

Spice SE88C 1988 – Cosworth DFL V8 (No. 111)

Spice SE89C 1989 – Cosworth DFZ V8 (No. 104)

Spice SE89P GTP 1989 – Chevrolet 6.0 V8 (No. 65)

Spice SE90C 1990 – Cosworth DFV V8 (No. 85)

Spice SE90P GTP 1990 – Chevrolet 6.0 V8 (No. 5)

Tiga GC288 1988 – Cosworth DFL V8 (No. 129)

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