Tiga GT286

From Belgian-Motorsport on YouTube, a C2 class car that had quite a bit of success during the 1980s.  This is the Tiga GT286, and while the car was mainly powered, in hits heyday of racing in the Group C2 division, by a Ford Cosworth motor, this particular example, captured on film by Belgian-Motorsport is propelled by the legendary 13B Mazda rotary engine with around 310 brake horsepower.\

Engine: Mazda 13B / 1308 cc / 79.8 cu in

Power: 310 bhp / 231 kW @ 8500 rpm

Torque: 252 Nm / 186 ft lbs @ 8500 rpm

Weight: 800 kg / 1,764 lbs

Body: carbon-fibre composite and Kevlar

Chassis: aluminum honeycomb monocoque

Gearbox: Hewland 5 speed Manual / RWD

This car used to compete in Group C2 and IMSA GTP class in America. Engines used were a Buick 3000cc V6, Porsche 3000cc Flat-6, Chevy 3000cc V6, Ferrari 3000cc V8 and the Mazda 13B.

Filmed at Goodwood FOS 2015 and RMU Classic at Spa in 2010.

Drivers 2010: Pat Murphy (GBR) / Dan Daly (GBR)

Filmed with Canon Powershot S2 IS Canon Legria HF M46 + DM-100 microphoneRelated video

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