Nissan R90CK Group C in action at Monza Circuit!

From 19Bozzy92.  Here is the 1990 Nissan R90CK.

In 1989 Nissan competed with the R89Cs, developed in conjunction with Lola, in both the World Sportscar Championship and the All Japan Sports Prototype Championships. For the 1990 season they decided to actually develop two different cars. The chassis of the R90C was still built by Lola but then the car for the WSC would have been designed by Nissan Motorsports Europe, starting from the R89C and improving it, while the JSPC’s R90 would have been built by Nismo, directly in Japan. The car were named respectively R90CK and R90CP.

This video is about the sixth and final R90CK built (chassis R90C/6) for the 1990 WSC. It was raced in the second half of the season obtaining three podiums out of 5 races entered. It was then shipped to Japan. There it was entered in local events in 1993 with the yellow FromA livery and with a twin-tier rear wing (as you see it in this video). The car is powered by a Nissan VRH35Z 3.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

I recorded this car at Monza Circuit in two occasions:

I recorded this car at Monza Circuit in two occasions:

1) During a 2-days test from last March 2019

2) During the Italian round of the Group C Racing championship, held at the 2019 Monza Historic weekend by Peter Auto.

The car is driven by Japanese driver Katsu Kubota.

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